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Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery - www.allamakeewoodfiredpottery.com

Charlie Cummings Clay Studio: Fort Wayne, Indiana - www.claylink.com

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Wheel-thrown stoneware pottery pieces by the artist's at Clay Connection pottery.

Cycling Salamander - www.cyclingsalamander.com

Dick Lehman - www.dicklehman.com


The Goshen Clay Artists' Guild: Goshen, Indiana - www.goshenclayart.com/

Goshen Open Studio- www.GoshenOpenStudio.com

Grotto Cellar -with a wide selection of themes and finishes, Grotto Cellars can design the perfect wine cellar for your collection.

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Larry Sanders Photographer - www.juryslides.com

Many Pencils Studio- Carolyn Hudson- Colored pencil artist

Michigan Guild of Artists and Artisans - www.michiganguild.org

Red Hill Pottery - www.redhillpottery.com

Robert Compton Pottery - www.RobertComptonPottery.com

Stanley Kellogg (Eric Strader's Grandfather) - www.emunix.emich.edu/~whogan/kellogg/

West Michigan Potters Guild - www.westmichiganpottersguild.com

World Art Directory - Your guide to art and artists on the Web.


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